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An Evening of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Seasonal workshops based around the elements & organs of Chinese Medicine.

1.5 hours ~ Once every two months based on the Chinese calendar which includes late summer.

How the evening will look...

A Seasonal experience

These seasonal extended workshops give us a chance to delve into Chinese medicine a little bit more than we can do during a normal yoga class

We will be looking at the element we are within based on the seasons, how this element relates to a Yin & Yang organ and the organs meridian pathways throughout the body.

How to tell if the organ is showing signs of disharmony & how we can harmonise it.

Learn about the emotion the organ is paired with 

Acupressure points 

Foods to nourish during the season 

Yin yoga poses in more depth 

Dates & how too book will be added to the Workshops & Events page soon.

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