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One to One Ceremonies

Created for you 

Are you looking to create space, tend deeper into ritual, honour an experience that is becoming or has recently become? 

I' am offering one to one ceremonies where I can come to you, whether that be at your home or another a place of sanctuary & solitude for us to mould together sometime just for you or an intimate group.

These offerings can be tailored to you, they can look very similar to one of my Sisterhood Gatherings where we explore the energy of what is happening at the time, whether that be lunar phase, solstice, equinox, motherhood, grief, welcoming a new child or menstrual phase are just a few examples  (or what you are personally honouring) a meditation, breathwork or guided movement, a self enquiry section where we journal & potentially share with one another & explore deeper, crystals used in a ritual - I would bring crystals in which I felt were right for the ceremony we could explore the meaning, properties & how to use the crystals in more detail than what takes place in a Sisterhood gathering & as always ending with oracle. 

Or we can tailor this to be one of your own.

Adding elements such as Yoga Nidra, embodied yoga, mantra, cleansing & further rituals that explore your honouring. 

This experience is created for you. 

I will be on Maternity Leave for the next year & with this can come to you or your place of sanctuary during the day/not just evenings (I would have a little one with me, new-born who will mainly be asleep as I would plan them around her naps but she would need to come along if it was a daytime gathering) Evenings I can come on my own & would need to be from after 7pm.

Prices start at £40 this is for 1.5 hour session & includes travel in & around Wiltshire (Always happy to travel further a field but a travel fee would be required) 

If you would like a group gathering/ceremony please ask me around prices, these can be a little more due to time but the price would be split between you all making them less. 

So Let's Work Together...

If this interests you & you would like to know more please fill in the form below so we can chat further 

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