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W O M B 

 Using a combination of traditional, holistic & embodied practices to deleve deeper into the connection of your feminine, your womb space


Through a whole host of methods we can tap into a personalised journey to connect to our womb space.

Wherever you are in your season as a woman these offerings are tailored to you & can be on a one to one basis or as a group/gathering.

Our womb also known as our seat of creation has an abundance of benefits, not just fertility, our womb houses our emotional trauma, our creative sparks, how we connect with others as well as ourselves 

By using some of the healing modalities below we can look to enhance our connection to our womb or assist with any blockages.

Maybe you would like to learn to connect to your cycle, experiencing heavy or painful bleeds, ready to create space to welcome in a child or your body feels out of sync after birth and postpartum.

These varied offerings can look to support you.


During our time together you will have the chance to share your story, experiences and feelings as a woman, through this we can create a tailored journey into supporting yourself, tuning into your body via the womb space and our cycles. 

A list of some of the practices in which can be hand picked into your personal journey.

Womb inspired yoga, using your menstrual phase with Hatha & Yin focused poses or movement.

Womb Meditations



Ceremonial Cacao


Crystals in ritual & healing 

Connection to the Sacral Chakra 


Essential oils & herbs 


Sweet Nectar

1.5 hour ceremony 

Pick from the selection of holistic modalities above

(Will depend on which one’s chosen to how many can be used within timeframe) 

Pre chat to discover a journey together 

Cacao extra £5 charge 

Womb healing gifts for support 


Slightly more if venue hire required

Art by the talented Raven Chalk

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