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Circles & Gatherings 

Whether you honour the moon, sway with the sun or embody yourself in movement.

Within circles or gatherings we feel safe. 

Safe to explore the deepest parts of ourselves, to be seen, heard & nurtured.  

My sisterhood gatherings were created back in 2021, i had not long given birth to my daughter and wanted to connect deeper to my feminine, find me people, my village & had actually intended to start them in March 2020 but the world went into lockdown.

The wait to begin them felt long, but the connection i made to myself after having my first child really did help birth these gatherings of women.

They were created after a calling, a deep calling.


Of women coming together to share our wishes, hear our stories, provide wisdom & manifest in what we may be gathering for.

 A sacred space for us to surrender as one.

No pressures, a circle of trust & confidence to just be as we are.

I started my gatherings under 'Sisterhood Sundays' they have adapted overtime from lunar circles to circles in which involve any form of cycle. 

Whether that be through nature, the seasons, our lunar, divine feminine.

They are held once a month, and are a beautiful space where we can 

Feel Honoured 

Ignite our Creativity

Connect within yourself through practices of mind & body 

Perhaps even learn a new skill. 

We are really interested in hosting workshops with local businesses whose vision align with our intention of holding space & honouring all who identify as a women. 

To book on to our next gathering head to Workshops/Events for more details

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