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Pre & Postnatal Doula 

After birthing my two daughter's and not having the birth in which I had desired I felt called to contribute to my services to women & there partners with support before, during & after birth. 

Due to current work comments in my 'other' role I am only offering specific types of birth care in which you will be able to find out more below. 

Since having my eldest daughter i have thrown myself into the care of women.

From Women's Circles, Womb Healing, Motherhood Blessings & Women's Yoga and i now feel the huge importance of supporting not just women in pre and postnatal birth but families as whole, guiding & holding space for them being to have the chosen birth they desire.

Informed choices, being aware of what they are & understanding them as your birth rights, overall health & wellbeing along with your partners is something i am very passionate about and know how overwhelming it can be.

The postpartum phase of birth is a hugely important and sometimes neglected part of birth where it is vital the mother is nurtured as well as their baby and you will see this in my services. 

What I Offer...

Here you will find a little list of my individual services.

These services can be added together to make packages and tailored to your families needs and requirements. 

Please feel free to contact me in regards to my offerings and how they could suit you, my services come with pricing details but there are options of price plans, concession rates and adding packages together to create a bespoke mix.


Please note that as a Doula I assist in holding space for you during this incredible journey, I can assist in giving you the tools & confidence in birthing your baby & support in which ever form you wish to use below but i am not medically trained and for medical needs i would signpost you in the right direction along with asking that you contact your midwife or consultant should you be using them.

Birth Preperation

My Birth Preparation sessions are for you to discuss and gain an understanding around your options of birth. 

It could help you feel more empowered to make the decisions in which you would like or perhaps the confidence in understanding your birth rights, being informed around your choices, feeling in control of your birth and understanding the types of support.

Below is a brief list of the conversations we will have but on a more detailed level.

  • We will go over any previous birth experiences

  • Look at what birth rights & consent means 

  • Write a birth plan by exploring your preferences

  • Look at the physiology of birth 

  • Optimal positions for birth 

  • Discussing any uneasiness you may have around your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

  • Options of pain management 

  • Natural comfort measures

  • If you would like a homebirth what this could look like

  • If you are looking to have a hospital birth, what this could look like and what you may need to take with you

  • The Third Stage (Birthing your placenta & more) 

  • How we can use practices such as breathwork & more to support your birth.

  • General questions around your pregnancy & birth

  • Optional extras... Motherhood Blessings & Yoga

Birth Planning 

1-2-1 birth planning session

Intro offer - 2 hours £100

Postnatal Doula Care

The fourth trimester and women truly receiving the support, devotion, nourishment & rest they require for a calm transition into motherhood is such a huge passion of mine. 

My Postnatal package can include any of the following and you may find that one session to the next is completely different,

I come to you to do what helps you on that day, at that time with your needs in mind. 

Some of what i offer is below but please feel free to ask and discuss anything else that may come to mind. 

  • Holding space and the opportunity for you to go over your birth experience if this is something you would like to do

  • Feeding support (Breast or bottle fed)

  • Feeding Support in public should you wish for someone to be there when you begin your journey into the wider world 

  • Any emotional support you wish to discuss

  • Meal preparation (whether that be me cooking meals at home and bringing them to you, prepping food for you at your home)

  • Discussing foods that can assist in postpartum recovery

  • Providing light housework/running simple errands

  • Assisting in any support for older siblings (Picking up from school/childminders/after school activities)

  • Holding the baby for you to take sometime to catch up on anything that you would like (sleep, a bath, journaling, rituals or just time in stillness)

  • Making herb packages to be used in postpartum care - Sitz bath salts, herbal sanitary aids, herbal teas 

  • General baby care

  • Answering any questions you may have post birth

  • Optional extras... Baby blessings, Cacao ceremonies, breathwork, light yoga when signed off by a GP/When you feel ready.

Postnatal Care

Charged at an hourly rate 

£18ph (Intro Offer) 4 hours minimum & 20 hours offered at a discounted rate.

Pre & Postnatal Doula Care

I also offer Pre and Postnatal care which provides you with the Birth Preparation added above & Postpartum after care of 20 hours but also the following below 

  • Physiological Birth and education through 4 x 2 hour Birth Prep sessions

  • Ongoing support & check in's throughout your pregnancy 

  • One 2 hour Postnatal Planning Support session

Pre & Postnatal Birth

4 x 2 hour sessions 

Antenatal Prep & Postnatal Planning (20 hours of Postnatal support)

Intro Offer - £500

As you will see at this time I am not offering the option for myself to be present at your birth, this is due to the commitments I have to another job. In the future i wish to be able to provide support during labour and the hours after but I wouldn't want to provide a false narrative as I am unsure how it could look at this time. 
I can provide you with some wonderful trusted doula's who I believe can provide you with the support you require during your labour & birth if this is what you are looking for. 
Please do get in touch & we can discuss how this could look for you as a family.


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