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R E T R E A T S 

Our lovingly bespoke retreat days to nurture, enrich & connect to the women within & around you.

A truly sacred space for us to surrender as one.



We use an experimental approach during our yoga and look for you to do what works for you rather than perfecting a sequence or pose, an embodied & somatic way to nurture yourself.

Using traditional & elemental yang asanas to begin we slowly move into a grounding Yin practice as we root down further into Mother Earth to close before shavasana..

Our practice will be different on each retreat & they range from Yang - Yin. 


S I S T E R H O O D 

As always at Medicine of the Sisterhood we carve out a gathering in which supports each and every one of us. Using the elements such as the solstices & equinox, seasons, our lunar cycles & femininity to bring a circle which allows us to drop into meditation, journaling, sharing & creating rituals together. 

A space we can feel honoured, ignite our passions and connect to ourselves a little more. 


C O M M U N I T Y 

Using other holistic small businesses within our retreat days to make these gatherings that bit more special. 

Tailored differently each time from sound experiences, tarot readers,  reiki, facial massage & vegan chefs just to name a few. 

If you are a small holistic business who would like to join a retreat day please do get in touch! 


Will you be joining us on our next retreat day? 

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