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My Classes

My classes reflect a part of myself, offering a nurturing yet challenging, playful experience where you feel and move into how you feel on the day, finishing with a yummy savasana to sink you into stillness.



A practice to guide you back to your body.

An early morning class to explore embodied movement to open, release & nurture ourselves.

In my embodied flow class we will use we the coolness of Yin & create heat through Yang poses, exploring intuitive & traditional shapes to open us up somatically, ending with grounding yin postures before savasana.

To bring us home to our bodies.





Please head to ‘Book Yoga’ in menu to book on & check out my class pass. 

All of my other classes are held at Retreat & Rewild (Wednesday evening from May)

Please head to there website for more information and to book. 



Charlotte & Rachel from Meraki lightwork Healing invite you to our bi monthly Yin & Reiki practice. 

Yin yoga with its slow, static holds gives us the chance to come back into balance, it allows our body to melt & release.

Yin poses are mainly seated or led down, we use as many props as the individual feels they would like to hold themselves through the practice. The more the better.


Yin is a nourishing, meditative & mindful practice which targets our deep connective tissues, like our fascia, ligaments & joints. This is why we feel reiki works so well alongside it.


As Charlotte guides you thorough restorative yin poses that are held for a few minutes at a time, Rachel will be facilitating the reiki.

Rachel, who is a locally based Reiki practitioner, has given some beautiful words to describe what Reiki is:  Soulful palm lightwork that is Reiki, is a beautifully relaxing way to balance your Qi, your energy flow, healing mind, body & spirit using Ancient Japanese Wisdom.


We wholeheartedly invite you to allow us to be the portal for your access to the wonderful realm of self healing.  Each time we meet you might find something new added to the experience. This could be with meditation, yoga nidra, Qi gong & other expressions of nourishment.


We hope to see you there xx

July 19th (& every other month there after)

6.30 - 8.30pm

Berry Farm South Cerney, The Cotswolds

Please see link below to book

Pop-up Yin Yoga & Reiki | Berry Farm Cotswolds

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