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Yoga Nidra for Anahata Chakra

Yoga Nidra for Anahata Chakra


A chakra system out of balance may set the stage for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual challenges. 

In this nidra we explore the fourth chakra, the chakra of the heart which resides at the centre of our chest. Associated with the colour green, perhaps grab a crystal which resonates with you and the heart if you have one to hold or settle down close by.

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    Once purchased & payment has been recieved you will recieve your audio as a digital download on the 'Thank you' page. 

    The download will also be sent to your email address in which you provide. 

    If you would also like this sent to you via Whatsapp please send me a direct email on & i will make sure you recieve it within 24 hours.

    If all purchses could be made via PayPal as 'Friends and Family payment' that would be much appreciated. 

    Thank you & i hope you enjoy! x 

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